Perungulam Village

Ramanathapuram Dist - 623 536

08:30 - 17:00

Monday to Friday

123 456 789

Goldsmith Hall

New York, NY 90210

07:30 - 19:00

Monday to Friday

Principal’s Message

In the name of God, the most beneficient and the most merciful.

Peace be upon you!

I am delighted to welcome you all at Al Qalam International School. The school runs under the aegis of Al Qalam Educational Trust, Chennai, and promoting quality education.
I feel privileged to be the Principal of this school, the community of learners and friends. It is a great privilege to being employed under the dynamic and visionary leadership of Imam Abdul Quddos Azhari, Founder and Chairman of Qalam Group of Institutions, Tamilnadu, India and Australian International Islamic College, Brisbane, Australia
As a school, we believe strongly in the power of high expectations of our students and of ourselves, and in the importance of personal goals that are meaningful to each individual. We know that every student is unique and has their own potential and we are determined to help them to fulfill it.
We at AQIS Ramanathapuram aim to provide a liberal, happy and diverse environment for students that not only nurtures their creativity and skills but also eventually, they evolve as global leaders with moral values and character. It is our endeavor to provide our students with a broad curriculum spectrum focusing on 21st century skills, along with instructional expertise, emphasising upon tapping and nurturing the potential of each student leading them to academic excellence of national benchmark.
Being one among the units of Qalam Group of Institutions, Chennai, we have a responsibility to maintain the standards as per to expectations of the society, achieve its vision and become a leading school of Ramanathapuram region.

I value and appreciate the unstinted support and cooperation extended by the parents since the perception of the school and it is by our supportive parents we could establish ourselves in our initial year itself. I thank them for entrusting their child to us and supporting in all our endeavours paving way for achievements, appreciation and accolades, thus making it a more colourful canvass of AQIS, Ramanathapuram.

Looking forward to your constant participation and support, so that we, the stakeholders, i.e. Parents, Teachers, School administration can work together to bring out the best in your ward to nurture them with human virtues of creativity, brotherhood, true sportsman spirit, discipline and best morals.

Our motto is ” Excellence in Education, Character and Service ”

With Regards

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