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Bullying is unwanted, aggressive, behaviour among school aged children that involves a real or perceived power intolerance.

The CBSE has termed bullying in schools as critical. Bullying has serious detrimental effects on those who are bullied. The effects can be immediate. The can also be long term and cause lifelong damages.

To deal with the predicament of bullying the school has constituted a committee to look into any incident of bullying. The committee is authorised to take appropriate measure to deal with concerns related to bullying.

In every bullying situation, there are typically three key parties-the victim, the bully/bullies and the bystanders, who are aware of bullying. Each of these three parties is affected negatively by bullying.

According to the CBSE circular no.: Acad.-17/2015 (CBSE/Acad/Dir(Arti)/2015) dated 9th March 2015, bullying can be directly from the bully to the victim(e.g., through physical intimidation or attacks, verbal abuse, unwanted attention and advances, damaging property), or it can be indirect (e.g., through spreading malicious rumours). It can also include cyber-bullying (e.g., sending unpleasant messages, photographs and emails, to the victim or to others).

The Anti Bullying Committee comprises of the following members:

S. No.Name of Staff MembersOfficial PositionDesignationPhoto
1Mrs. Hameedun FalihaIn-ChargeM.A., B.Ed.,
2Ms. SarumathiMemberM.Sc., B.Ed.,
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